Massachusetts Ground Water Association

MGWA BannerThe Massachusetts Ground Water Association (MGWA) is a nonprofit organization that has been a principal custodian of Massachusetts’ ground water since 1950. The MGWA is an affiliate of the National Ground Water Association, the American Ground Water Trust and the Water Systems Council.

The Association’s members consist of water well drilling and pump contractors, geologists, hydrologists, hydrogeologists. engineers, state and local government officials, ground water industry suppliers, and manufacturers.

In addition to maintaining high standards in the ground water industry, the MGWA is devoted to providing continuing education to its members and furnishing accurate information to the public regarding the quantity, quality and availability of Massachusetts’ ground water resources. The MGWA works with government agencies, communities, land owners and industry to identify and solve problems associated with ground water use.

The MGWA maintains lists of all Massachusetts certified contractors and can refer callers to those contractors in your area who are recognized as professionals in the ground water industry.

Our Mission

MGWA LogoThe Massachusetts Ground Water Association represents approximately 150 certified well drillers and pump installers, as well as other ground water professionals. Our purpose is to be a vessel of information for our members along with educating the general public by working with local and national agencies on the importance of involvement to protect Massachusetts’ ground water resources.

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